Traditional Advertising and WOM
Word Of Mouth integrated in the Marketing Mix leads to success

Traditional Advertising and WOM

It is no longer new to anyone that in recent decades, traditional advertising has exploded. And with it a lot of one-way messages turned to us.

Every day we are assaulted by Ads whether they are TV commercials in the middle of our favorite TV series, audio spots interrupting our songs on the radio, or large banners on every building in our way to work.

Besides that, Ads present only what the companies want us to hear and see. We are presented only the bright side of the story. In Word of Mouth, the words propagate from consumers to other consumers: family, friends, colleagues etc. Their opinions have a bigger impact because they are honest and can be trusted.

Finally, even if we consider only the financial aspects, Word Of Mouth consumes less resources than traditional advertising (in which we all know that companies invest huge amounts of money) and is more effective too.